Free flights for greek citizens by Ryanair

Redazione 11 July 2015

The Irish airline Ryanair , already known for its advantageous low cost promotions , decided to make an unprecedented offer : from monday July 13, 2015 , free flights for two weeks for the citizens of Greece . It's an idea of ​​Michael O'Leary , manager of the company that has decided to show the company's good lightening the burden on the shoulders of the Greek nation and encouraging partners to work together to revive the nation . Only clause : the remission of taxes on fuel and those areoportuali to avoid going in loss . After that other companies like Amazon or Paypal portrayed hand suspending activities in Greece because of the restrictions placed on the movement of capital to the banks , if the government of Alexis Tsipras welcomes the request to waive the fees normally required to airlines , thanks to Ryanair Greeks can fly free .

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