It’s called Flakka the synthetic drug that took the ‘primacy’ of cocaine in US

Redazione 22 June 2015




It’s a synthetic drug, a new one, which is going over to the limit: it’s called Flakka and according to Us media is spreading like wildfire in the United States. The most shocking case is the one about the 41 year-old, Kenneth Crowder, who was arrested by police in Melbourne, Florida, after running naked for an hour in a quiet suburb down town. According to Wendell Campbell DEA, “in a hypothetical scale of danger that goes from 1 to 100, the danger of flakka is 110″.


Flakka is a drug that can be cheap and easily available: its effects (which are excitement delusional, hyperthermia, high adrenaline and paranoia) and dependency can be more dangerous than cocaine that used to be considered the ‘queen’ of the market until this year. Apparently this drug was created in China; other people say in the Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa including Ethiopia.


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