Prince Charles and Diana had a “secret daughter” called Sarah?

Redazione 25 April 2015




While UK is waiting to celebrate the birth of a new royal baby, there is a rumor that is spreading all over the world. Prince William and Harry are claimed to have an IVF sister living in hiding.


The U.S. media alleged that Prince William was not the first child of Diana: apparently the secret sister is a 33 years old woman called Sarah and living incognito in a small New England town, in the United States.


How can this rumor be true? William was born in June 1982, only 11 months after his parents’ marriage. US media claim that in December 1980, the Queen ordered to Diana Spencer (who was a 19-year-old virgin) to undergo gynaecological tests to establish that she was capable of bearing children.


During these tests, Diana’s eggs were harvested and fertilised with Prince Charles’s sperm. The tests were successful, the embryos were ordered to be destroyed, but maybe one of the doctor who examined Diana secretly held one of the embryos back and implanted it in his own wife.


As incredibile as it sounds, media think this rumor is real. Do we?


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